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If you have decided that moving to Concord, MA is a good idea for you and your household members – Esquire is pleased that you have made this decision. We wholeheartedly agree that moving to Concord will be extremely beneficial to you as well as your entire family. Naturally, this close-knit community of under 20,000 people will provide you with the wholesome environment that you have always been seeking, but also, moving to Concord will introduce you to some of our rich literary history. Well-known authors such as Henry David Thoreau found great inspiration from Walden Pond as well as the natural backdrop from the surrounding region according to our Concord moving sources. On the female side of the pen was Louisa May Alcott who wrote the novel, “Little Women” after moving to Concord, MA. Orchard House, which is now a museum was once the home of the Alcott family in the 1800’s. Of course, if you will be interested in the history after moving to Concord, you will be intrigued by the Old North Bridge, which was the site of the Battle of Concord. Our Concord movers have heard that many people of all age ranges are flocking to this vicinity, because it has its own inimitable allure with a healthy balance between the historic charm of yesteryear and the modern world of today. The suburban resonance of this warm setting keeps generations of families in the area with newcomers moving to or near Concord to plant their own roots for the future. In addition, the older folks seem to love this locality as the ideal place to retire. Our Concord movers have indicated that the outdoor landscape is beyond compare with its seasonal beauty from the summer sun and attractive fall foliage to the breathtaking winter snowscape and the annual spring renewal.


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There is nothing more frustrating than having to search endlessly for a particular object through contents that you are keeping and other items that you will be discarding after moving to Concord. This is the reason that we will advise you regarding a different system of organization for moving to Concord that will transpire long before you depart your current location. At Esquire, we are thinking about the bigger picture and as your Concord moving company – we would prefer to see you spend a few dollars less with us to enable you to transport only the items that you intend to keep and use. We do not want you to empty your bank account to pay for a much larger load of household contents that you will ultimately have to sort and organize for the purpose of discarding things after moving to Concord. We strongly recommend that you begin far in advance by dividing your contents into four categories – moving to Concord, selling in a yard sale, donating to a worthy cause, and discarding to the local waste management company. Because you will be keeping only the items from one of those categories, the load that our Concord movers will be transporting will be significantly lighter. In addition, after you sell a few things, you will have extra money to help offset some of the costs for Concord moving such as utility account transfer fees and deposits to possible parking permits and vehicle car insurance changes. This is only the beginning, because once you know what you are taking with you – the boxes can be labeled and marked with an itemized list of contents before moving to Concord. Then, when you arrive, you will have no difficulty finding everything that you will need in your new home!


It will be one thing to let the crew from one of the moving companies in or near Concord load and transport the boxes containing your belongings, but another to put your personal and valued items directly within their hands too. This could create a little fear or doubt in your mind, but at Esquire – we have a few solutions for you to consider that might make you feel better about moving to Concord.

  • Pack it all – As your Concord moving company, we will be tuned in to your level of comfort to be sure that we are helping you in the way that best suits you. We will not be offended if you choose to do all of your own packing, but our Concord movers would be thrilled to offer you a few expert tips that might make the process easier for you and safer for your contents. Plus, we will provide you with free furniture protection supplies to safeguard all of your furnishings.
  • Pack a little – You may have several items moving to Concord, but will have certain objects that will require a distinctive type of knowledge that may not be within your area of expertise. Do not worry, because the members of the Concord moving crew that we are sending to you have been through a training program that teaches the appropriate methods and materials for protecting those special items. With our partial packing services, we can handle those possessions, while you take care of the rest.
  • Pack nothing – You may realize after taking inventory of your current residence that you will have more belongings moving to Concord with you than you really want to pack. This will not be a problem, because we are the kind of Concord moving company that takes pleasure in helping our customers in any way that we can. While our Concord movers are providing containment for everything that you own from the floor to the ceiling with our full packing services – you will have the freedom to focus your time and energy elsewhere.

If you feel comfortable and happy, then we will be doing our job properly as your Concord movers!

Concord movers


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