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With a prosperous market for job seekers while featuring an expansive area of peaceful suburban living – moving to Cambridge, MA will be the idyllic choice for transplants arriving from surrounding areas of Massachusetts or other states.

Many moving to or near Cambridge have been excited at the idea of living within a community that has been driven by its eco-friendly practices in hopes to contribute to and be part of the movement for greener living.

Being a widely-known college city – the diversity within this locale is astounding offering those who are moving to Cambridge an open and receptive place to call home.

A myriad of cultural backgrounds have been privileged to inhabit this populous haven for versatile living catering to all types of economic profiles.

In fact, some of Esquire’s Cambridge movers have reported that the residential options represent a broad spectrum of domiciles for everyone from historical brownstones, row houses, and single-family homes to hidden-gem apartments, contemporary condos, and tucked away little cottages.

Anyone moving to Cambridge will not have any difficulty finding recreational activities to keep occupied during downtime with the plethora of bookstores, shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

In addition, those who live in or near Cambridge really enjoy the nightlife and have been able to find just about any type of entertainment to suit a variety of tastes from comedy to music and more.

Naturally, education is at its finest with Ivy-leaguers from all over the world attending Harvard right in the heart of the city while the greatest young scientific minds are learning and growing at (MIT) the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Also, if you ever need medical treatment after moving to Cambridge, the healthcare is the top of the line with some of the most prestigious hospitals and healthcare professionals in the region.

Cambridge Movers


At Esquire, we strive for a higher level of excellence as your Cambridge moving company and we do not take our responsibility to you lightly. Our hand-selected group of relocation professionals is chosen because each and every individual not only understands the dedication needed for this type of profession, but also instinctually rises above what is expected for customers who are moving to or near Cambridge. That type of unyielding commitment is what will enable us as your preferred moving company to elevate the experience for you from the initial consultation between you and the Esquire staff to the way we will conclude our business when the process is over. Providing you with an arrival window within a specific time range is the most effective way to keep everyone on schedule, especially if a previous customer’s relocation is subject to any delays. Of course, if our movers are ahead of schedule, then they will arrive at the departure location earlier, but still within your expected time range. Because our crew is so well-versed in what they do, it will not take any effort at all to be the patient and understanding individuals that you will need to make you feel more comfortable about moving to Cambridge. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns about the process, especially those who prefer to be more involved in the relocation – your assigned movers will have the answers and will happily advise you regarding the most recommended practices for sorting, organizing, planning, and self-packing.


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It takes a special kind of organization to be the moving company that will successfully transport your belongings safely and effectively to your new home in or near Cambridge. Esquire embodies the skills and exemplary qualities that reputable movers need with training, dedication, and years of experience. You will not have to settle for second best with us as your chosen moving company of Cambridge, MA.

Cambridge movers with an affordable rates
  • 🗹 No Stress – We will not leave you in limbo with an endless list of tasks and no direction to follow. As your Cambridge movers, our job is to take the details of your relocation and configure a comprehensive plan that will organize the process from A to Z. Moving to Cambridge, MA will be much simpler knowing the best course of action needed and you will feel more at ease with Esquire guiding you.
  • 🗹 No Mess – As one of the leading moving companies in New England, we believe that our orderly manner of assisting our customers will promote more efficiency. Although we will tailor the process to suit you specifically, the immaculate environment of our vehicles and facilities along with the way our movers will handle and pack your contents will ensure continuity and cleanliness.
  • 🗹 With Finesse – While you may have delicate, fragile or priceless pieces of artwork and antiques moving to Cambridge – you will never have to be concerned about our crew being careless or reckless. Esquire’s elite team of movers is fully trained in all areas of handling and protecting from the specialized materials required for certain types of items to the gentle manner in which those items must be treated.

Our Cambridge movers know what it takes to do what we do best and will not hesitate to go beyond what is required!


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