Best Places to Live in San Antonio

Esquire’s Picks: Top Neighborhoods to Settle in San Antonio.

Unveiling San Antonio’s Top Residential Neighborhoods: A Guide to the City’s Best Living Spots

The affordable life is the reason why you will see so many families of singles coming to San Antonio. San Antonio is 14% below the national cost of living. It is also a great place to be when you’re looking for job opportunities as well. San Antonio is also known to be the fastest city growing in the country. Imagine bringing your family or yourself to a city that is always moving?! San Antonio has many attributions as well, like the many restaurants, art galleries and so many more.

Best Places to Live in San Antonio for Families

Best Places to Live in San Antonio for Families

For families, the best neighborhoods in San Antonio to live in are Alamo Heights, Great Northwest, Northwest Crossing, Oak Park-Northwood & Terrell Hills.

Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is a little more expensive than the surrounding areas with their home prices being $513,900 and the area is 69% safer. Alamo Heights isn’t far from your attractions either, it is 15 minutes from downtown so you’re able to get everything you need in the downtown area. They also have the best schools in the city such as Cambridge Elementary School and Alamo Heights. The neighborhood is a family friendly neighborhood that has many different activities for the family but especially the children to do. One great activity that the area offers are swimming lessons for the kids at the Heights pool. Alamo Heights is a great area for families who don’t want to be directly in the middle of the city scene but still want a piece of it.


Pros of Alamo Heights:
  • Great schools
  • Near the city
  • Family friendly neighborhood
  • Safe area


Cons of Alamo Heights:
  • Commute is a little difficult
  • Outside of the city
  • Traffic
  • Busy area

Great Northwest

Great Northwest is away from the city but it is indeed a safe area for families to raise their children. They have affordable housing that starts at $119,009 and is 51% safer than other neighborhoods that are in the area. Great Northwest has some of the best top-notch schools such as Knowlton Elementary School. You can’t go wrong with taking the kids to Seaworld at San Antonio with the best park as well. Great Northwest may be outside of where all the other events may be but it still has a lot to offer. Great Northwest is for families that want a more quiet area to be in.


Pros of Great Northwest:
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Top-notch schools
  • Attractions for kids to attend


Cons of Great Northwest:
  • Away from the city
  • Commute is far
  • Not that many places surrounding the neighborhood

Northwest Crossing

Northwest Crossing is a budget friendly housing with the start of the price being $127,582 and is known to be 57% safer than any other neighborhood in the city. They have wonderful schools such as Northwest Crossing Elementary. You can also get the kids involved in great sports at the Northwest Crossing SportsPlex.


Pros of Northwest Crossing:
  • Budget friendly neighborhood
  • Safe area
  • Great schools
  • Great sports for kids


Cons of Northwest Crossing:
  • A little far from the city
  • Not a lot to do in this area

Oak Park-Northwood

Oak Park-Northwood is conveniently located off I-410 and is 10 minutes from the airport! People would say that it is the perfect place to settle if you make frequent business trips. Although it is near the airport, the location of the neighborhood isn’t the greatest. The housing is affordable with the starting rate being $278,430 and it being 51% safer than any other neighborhood in the city. They also have excellent schools such as Northwood Elementary school. Oak Park-Northwood also has quick access to downtown if you’re deciding to take the family somewhere different on the weekend.


Pros of Oak Park-Northwood:
  • Located off the highway
  • Affordable
  • Great schools


Cons of Oak Park-Northwood:
  • Busy area
  • Traffic
  • Not a great location

Terrell Hills

Terrell Hills is the safest neighborhood in San Antonio with the housing a little pricey starting at $635,100. Terrell Hills has one of the highly rated schools in the city such as St. David’s Episcopal School & Southwest. It is also 15 minutes from downtown! Terrell Hills is the perfect place for you to raise your kids while also going to different events that are being held in the city. You can take your family to the San Antonio Botanical Garden while also going to the Interactive museums such as the Doseum.


Pros of Terrell Hills:
  • Near downtown
  • Great schools
  • Educational museums for kids
  • Wonderful houses


Cons of Terrell Hills:
  • Pricey houses
  • Commute a little busy
  • Traffic
best neighborhoods in San Antonio for singles and young professionals

Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio for Singles & Young Professionals

Not only is San Antonio a beautiful place for families to raise their children but it’s also a great place for singles as well. Some of the best neighborhoods for young professionals to live are Downtown San Antonio, Lavaca, Monte Vista, Stone Oak and Tobin Hill.

Downtown San Antonio

Downtown San Antonio is the urban experience that you need for the young professionals. Downtown San Antonio has an incredible nightlife and is convenient for students attending the downtown campus or university. They have affordable homes that start at $113,875 and are 49% safer than any other neighborhood in the city. There are so many events that you can do such as going to Fiesta Arts Fair that have 100 different artists. With the historic spots located in the downtown area you can visit many of the events that take place at the Historic Spots the Alamo and San Fernando Cathedral. There is also a romantic restaurant for date night at Bourdroi on the RiverWalk.


Pros of Downtown San Antonio:
  • Incredible nightlife
  • Affordable
  • Artsy events
  • Safe


Cons of Downtown San Antonio:
  • Busy
  • Traffic


Lavaca is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Alamo City and also a quiet area. It is southeast of downtown and affordable housing starts at $116,800. The only downfall about living in Lavaca is not as safe as some of the other neighborhoods in the city. Although Lavaca is located in an area that is primarily quiet you can still connect with the downtown area which is 10 minutes from Lavaca. You can visit certain museums such as the Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival at Hemisfair Park. Also go to a French inspired restaurant to have some amazing dishes from Maverick Texas Brasserie. You can have the nightlife for karaoke and live music at Southtown 101.

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