Best Places to Live in Las Vegas

Esquire’s Picks: Top Neighborhoods to Settle in Las Vegas.

Unveiling Las Vegas Top Residential Neighborhoods: A Guide to the City’s Best Living Spots

Most people live on the west coast of California but there are many people who look at Las Vegas as the most beautiful place to live. Not only because of their many things to do in the city but also because it isn’t a far drive from California or any of the other metropolitan areas where you may want to attend. But are the areas a great place for you to raise your children or for a young professional to move? YES! Las Vegas has amazing neighborhoods for you to stay in no matter the situation.

Best Places to Live in Las Vegas for Families

Best Places to Live in Las Vegas for Families

For families, the best neighborhoods for families to stay would be Anthem, Centennial Hills, Green Valley Ranch, Summerlin and Tule Springs.


Anthem is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. Most families are extremely comfortable settling there but it is a slightly expensive area to live in with the prices ranging from $426,138 and it being 98% safer than most of the neighborhoods in the city. The schools in Anthem are excellent and most of the children will be attending Lamping Elementary School or Del Webb Middle School. There are many parks in Anthem that can help you unwind your child after a long day. You can also sign your kids up for soccer teams at Primes Soccer Club. Anthem isn’t just made for the kids, they also have many things to do for the parents as well, such as the Revere Golf club or getting brunch at The Stove. In Anthem, they serve the families with everything that you could need plus more.


Pros of Anthem:
  • Safe
  • Great schools
  • Many things for kids to do
  • Comfortable setting


Cons of Anthem:
  • Expensive housing
  • Noisy
  • Traffic

Centennial Hills

Centennial Hills is the best place to buy a home and they have more of a suburban style home. Most of their homes are affordable, ranging at $216,567 and they are 30% safer than most of the neighborhoods in the city. Although Centennial Hills is far from the strip they have some great schools such as Henry & Evelyn Bozarth Elementary School. You can take the kids to a great park or allow them to eat some frozen yogurt at YogurtLand. Centennial Hills is the perfect place to raise your family if you want to be away from all of the chaos.


Pros of Centennial Hills:
  • Affordable
  • Great Schools
  • Suburban area
  • Safe


Cons of Centennial Hills:
  • Far from the strip
  • Not a lot to do

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch has some of the best places for families. They have large family homes that will allow you to raise your family in the best home and area in the city. Green Valley Ranch also has a great school program. With so many dining options, shopping options and ice cream spots for the kids, Green Valley Ranch is a great spot for you to raise your family.


Pros of Green Valley Ranch:
  • Best place for families
  • Well-rated school
  • Great spots of kids
  • Family friendly area


Cons of Green Valley Ranch:
  • Not close to the strip
  • Not as safe that other neighborhoods


Summerlin is the most desirable place for families and has the most spacious properties. Summerlin homes are ranging from $328,923 and are noted for being 53% safer than other neighborhoods. Summerlin has some amazing schools as well and it is only 10 minutes from Red Rock Canyon Nation. Summerlin even has a golf camp for kids at Angel Park Golf Club. Summerlin is a great area for families that want to remain in a quiet space and out of the scene.


Pros of Summerlin:
  • Spacious homes
  • Close to Red Rock
  • Safe
  • Things for kids


Cons of Summerlin:
  • Not as much to do

Tule Springs

Tule Springs is the safest, most affordable place in the city with tons of outdoor activities. Most of the homes in Tule Springs are extremely affordable starting at $253,160 and being 75% safer than any other neighborhood in the city. It is an ideal place for families that are looking to build new homes. With 680 acres of land the Floyd Lamb Park is perfect for getting the kids out. Tule Springs also has great diners to choose from and a wonderful farmers market where you can get all of your fresh ingredients.


Pros of Tule Springs:
  • Affordable homes
  • Ideal place for the family
  • Great outdoor activities
  • Safe


Cons of Tule Springs:
  • Not a lot of space for housing
  • Far from the strip
  • Lots of gambling
Best Places to Live in Las Vegas for Young Professionals

Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas for Singles & Young Professionals

For young professionals, the best places to live would be, Downtown, Green Valley South, Rancho Charleston, Summerlin and Tule Springs.


Downtown is the heart of the city, it is on the famous Fremont street & cultural hot spot/ They have a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafes, museums for the whole family to enjoy. Downtown has plenty of budget friendly homes that start at $62,833 but has a 26% stance when it comes to the safety of the neighborhood. They have a great museum for the kids to enjoy called the Mob museum which describes the older days of when they were organized crime.


Pros of Downtown:
  • The heart of the city
  • Affordable area
  • Everything to do
  • In this mix of history


Cons of Downtown:
  • Traffic
  • Unsafe
  • Busy lines

Green Valley South

Green Valley South is one of the city’s quieter neighborhoods, it is the suburb of Hendrson. With affordable homes that start at $221,486 and have a 82% rate of being safer than most neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Green Valley South is 10 minutes from McCarran International Airport and right off of I-215. At Green Valley South you have so many things that your family can enjoy as well. After a long day at work or even with the kids you can treat yourself to the Green Valley Ranch Spa.Maybe even get yourself a drink at the wine bar. Being in Green Valley South there are so many things to do.


Pros of Green Valley South:
  • Quiet area
  • Airport nearby
  • Access to highway
  • Affordable homes
  • Suburban


Cons of Green Valley South:
  • Not close to the strip
  • Traffic
  • Noisy

Rancho Charleston

Rancho Charleston is the ideal spot for young professionals looking for a place to buy their house. Summerlin is well known for its eclectic mid-century modern house. Most of their houses are affordable starting at $160,581 but this is not a safe area to stay in. Regardless, it is one of the favorites amongst the singles and young professionals. Rancho Charleston is close to anything that you ever may desire such as dining places, art museums and the Strip.


Pros of Rancho Charleston:
  • Close to everything
  • Affordable
  • Modern houses
  • Favorite amongst singles


Cons of Rancho Charleston:
  • Not a safe area
  • Traffic
  • Busy lines
  • Noisy


Summerlin is not just a place for young professionals but for families as well. Being the safest neighborhood in Las Vegas, Summerlin has such amazing views when you find your place. Refer to families best neighborhoods for more information about Summerlin.

Tule Springs

Tule Springs was another neighborhood that isn’t just great for families but for young adults as well. Just northwest of the city, Tule Springs has so much to offer! Refer to the best neighborhoods for families for more information about Tule Springs.

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