10 Reasons to Move to Washington State

Everyone has a moment in life when they want to change everything. Whether you will change your job or look for a new home, you need a reason to take such a severe step. Washington State is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. It has coastlines, mountains, volcanoes, and hundreds of coastal islands. Washington state is home to grunge music and a unique coffee drinking culture. The place is also associated with the names of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Lee, Bill Gates. We have at least ten reasons why you should move to Washington.

Educational opportunities


Many people in business and politics in the United States have graduated from Washington University. As history proves, success is always determined by the quality of your education. Washington is home to many universities and colleges. One of them is Washington State University. The University’s academic programs include more than 200 fields of study, divided into 12 colleges. Many of the programs are recognized for their high quality. For almost every discipline, there are research resources for inquiring minds from first-year students to doctoral students. The University also offers distance learning, accessible from anywhere in the world.



Nature is one of the reasons why Washington is the best state. It features high mountains and river valleys, rain forests, and semi-deserts. The Columbia Plateau forms the eastern part of the state. It is a vast plateau located between the Rocky Mountains and The Cascade Range. The Columbia River, the largest river in the northwestern United States, flows through the rolling hills from north to south. In the central part of the state are several volcanoes of the “Pacific Ring of Fire.” In the western part of the state are the Olympic Mountains, with the highest point at 7,965 ft.

National Parks


The beautiful state of Washington has a magical effect on its visitors. Once you’ve been here, you’ll always dream of coming back! Olympic National Park is huge. You need more than one day to explore it well. Here you can see Makah Indian reservation and visit the westernmost point of the United States, Cape Flattery. Another great place is Mount Rainier National Park. There are alpine meadows, snowy peaks, green forests, and fast rivers and the tracks for all tastes: you can walk around its territory or climb a volcano.



Washington is home to many tech headquarters: Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, etc. Whether you’re looking for a tech job or want to get involved in a startup, this is the place for you. The level of competition for the job is relatively high, but the pay level is also very high. There are also a lot of electronics, physics, and programming classes for kids of all ages. A wide variety of classes are also available at schools. We guarantee that you will once again hear about the technological advances of this state.



There are many exciting museums in this state. One of them is Washington State History Museum. It is located in downtown Tacoma. The museum offers visitors a large number of exhibits that help illuminate Washington State’s historical moments. The charm and merriment go side by side here. People of all ages can explore and have fun in an environment where characters from Washington State’s past times tell their own lives. You can also visit The Museum of Flight in Seattle. It was founded by Boeing back in 1965. We promise that walking the halls of the museum will be fun for even the youngest visitors.

No income taxes


The prospect of giving the money you earn to the state doesn’t make anyone happy. As a rule, in most states, you have to pay the state income tax in addition to the federal one. However, this can be avoided quite legally, for example, by moving to a state with no taxes. In our country, there are seven such states. One of them is Washington. The lack of income tax is a good reason for many people to change their place of residence. There is also no corporate income tax and minimum annual contributions.

Business Outlook


Are you still thinking about moving to Washington? Every year, Washington State forms more than 32,000 new LLCs and Corporations. It has more than 130,000 active LLCs. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington is ranked seventh among the best tax environments for businesses. Washington has significant long-term growth potential. The state’s ports are the closest continental U.S. ports to Asia. And the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are the second-largest transshipment point for container traffic in the country. Washington has a large and growing economy. The prospects for your business here are excellent.

The Pacific Ocean


Washington state’s location in the northwest gives it a distinct advantage. It is home to two major ports that contribute to the growth of the region’s economy. And a large number of beaches makes it a desirable destination. You can go to Griffiths-Priday Ocean State Park. This beach is reminiscent of the Atlantic coast. Tranquility is its second name. Another beautiful place is Cape Flattery. It is the northernmost point of Washington, with a precipitous shore, numerous caves, and cliffs. If you want to go surfing, then feel free to go to Westhaven State Park.

Diverse climate


The state’s climate varies widely from west to east. The ridges of the Cascade Mountains divide the state into eastern and western parts. Air masses from the Pacific Ocean create a humid climate in the west region, which gives the area its unique rain forests. They are usually found in hot climates, but here they grow in very moderate temperatures. On the Pacific coast, the average annual temperature is about 50 degrees. If you like to watch the seasons change, you will enjoy this area. Colorful autumn is replaced by snowy winter, and spring brings hope and love.



Washington residents have every kind of entertainment available to them. They can have fun and excitement both day and night. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy Washington. The number of parks and scenic places to walk around is unbelievable. You can take a beautiful hike in the Mount Baker area. Here is The Ptarmigan Ridge Trail, which will give you an unforgettable experience. The Hoh Rain Forest is a must-see spot in Olympic Park by all means. There are two easy trails in the forest, the most popular of the Mosses’ Hall.

As you learned from the article, Washington is a great place to find work and have fun. You will indeed find something to do in this state. We have tried to name the best things about living in Washington. To get a better feel for the area, we recommend traveling here on your own. We guarantee that you will have only the best impressions of this state.

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